Nuclear Reactor Damaged by Japan’s Biggest Earthquake

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nuclear Reactor Damaged by Japan’s Biggest Earthquake

Another horrible side effect from Japan’s biggest earthquake has been on the minds of many people every since the quake happened. Everyone is afraid there is going to be a nuclear meltdown after a nuclear reactor was damaged.
                   Smoke and shaking at nuclear plant

A large explosion was reported to have happened inside a concrete reactor building which was at Fukushima number 1 power station. This is north of Tokyo because the reactor’s cooling system failed. The plant was billowing smoke last night and four people were injured.
Most people do not believe that there was serious damage but there is still a possibility.
After radioactive cesium material left by atomic fission was detected near the site fuel roads at the reactor may be melting. This was told by Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency spokesman Yuji Kakizaki. If the fuel roads are continues and it melts a reactor meltdown is possible.


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